Should You Replace Your Windows Before Selling Your Home?

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Any time a house changes hands, it's inevitable that some cleaning up has got to be done. This usually means new carpet or carpet shampooing, a new coat of paint, and possibly a few repairs. When you're the one leaving the living space, being excited about getting it ready for market can be tough, unless you're motivated to maximize the return on investment for the final sale. You may have read about the ROI value of kitchen renovations, a new garage door, and giving the bathroom a makeover before selling, all of which are above 80%. If so, you know these are great ways to get the most buck for your bang. But there's one big change that could make selling your home much easier – window replacement.

Should You Replace Your Windows Before Selling Your Home?

We know, it's a big job. But, if you're selling a home with windows that need to be replaced, you're selling yourself short if you don't replace them. Arguably, any home listing can fetch a higher sticker price with brand new windows. There's no doubt about it. However, if you don't want to go through the trouble of replacing windows in an old house, we get it. But if your windows do need to be replaced, not doing so can mean the difference between selling your house and being stuck with it.

According to Zillow's 2018 Consumer Housing Trends Report, new energy-efficient windows are considered “highly desirable” by 79% of respondents. So let's talk about whether or not you need new windows, or if you can do without.


How Much Value Can New Windows add to a House?

To answer the question, “Is it worth replacing windows before selling a house,” the best place to start is with what you stand to gain. There is definitely an ROI benefit to replacing your old windows with energy-efficient ones before you sell, even before you list the house for sale. Why? Because you want that new, energy-efficient window claim early and in bold type in the listing.

The experts consider the ROI on window replacement to be anywhere between 73 and 75%. That means you'll be able to tack on 73 to 75% of the cost of the installation onto the final sales price of the home. So, if you spend $10,000 on new windows, you should be able to increase your total asking price by $7,500. If you want a bit more precision, just keep in mind that the more extreme the climate, the more important energy-efficient windows will be to the home-buying demographic.

That ROI percentage is not as good monetarily as a new kitchen or garage door, but the primary benefit is not in a higher sales price, it's in the response you can expect from the market.


Market Response to New Energy Efficient Windows

In real estate, it's something of a trade secret that what sells a house is open space. Even with high-quality materials, a spa-style bathroom, and the trendiest kitchen imaginable will remain a listing longer than a less chic home if it feels cramped inside. Widows are an automatic remedy to a lack of space, or they can be the cherry on top of a home that already has plenty of space, especially if there's a primo view to be had.

Real estate agents will notice those new energy-efficient windows. Real estate agents are a bit like lawyers, they work the hardest on cases they believe they can win. So, adding a new set of windows is a good way to motivate your selling agent for an optimal turnaround time.

New windows may also affect your appraisal, even if the appraiser doesn't realize it. With the added sunlight and feeling of openness, an appraiser is bound to get a more positive feeling about the home and enable you to increase your asking price.

Finally, and most importantly, most home-buyers know that a new set of energy-efficient, windows will save them money over many years. They know these windows seal better, function better, and are more break-in resistant than older glass and wood windows.


What is the Real Value of New Energy Efficient Windows?

The real value of energy-efficient windows is in owning them, not in selling them. According to, a complete set of energy-efficient windows will save a homeowner between $125 and $465 a year on heating and cooling.

As the seller, your job would be to make sure buyers are well aware of that. You can trust that a smart home buyer knows that after putting down the money for a new house- cutting $10 to $38 off their first month's utility bill could make that house warming party just a little bit sweeter.


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