How to Select Door Hardware

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How to Select Door Hardware

When building or remodeling a home, homeowners often focus on the most visual, obvious elements first. Are the windows energy efficient? Does the front door make the right style statement? Is it secure? Somewhere down on the list is selecting the right door hardware. This is actually a crucial aspect of the entire door experience, and without the right doorknobs or door handles, it’s impossible to go anywhere. The experts here at the Window and Door Showplace discuss some of the most commonly-asked questions and provide insight about how to pick the door handle interior designers and architects would approve of.

Different Types of Door Handles, Locksets, and Knobs

First, it’s important to understand that there is a wide variety of doorknobs and door handles, all with different lockset types as well. Deciding which ones to use is both a question of style and a question of functionality. Here’s what you need to know about different types of locksets, door handles, and doorknobs:


1. Types of Locksets

Locksets are the hardware pieces that allow for locking and unlocking of the door for security and privacy reasons. These types indicate what function they perform and they are an important aspect of choosing the right door hardware for your project. These are the main types:

  • Keyed-entry locksets—Usually used on exterior doors, both sides of the door can be locked with a key, turn button, or both.
  • Privacy locksets—Typically used in bathrooms, home offices, or bedrooms, these locksets only lock from the inside for privacy.
  • Passage locksets—Often used for hallways, pantries, or closets, these locksets do not have locking mechanisms.
  • Dummy locksets—These locksets appear to have locks, but they do not actually lock anything and are more for decorative or handle purposes.

2. Doorknobs

Doorknobs go well with classic-style renovations and are usually round, ovular, or square. They may be steel, brass, bronze, porcelain, glass, etc. These require a firm grasp or pinch, and then a twist of the wrist, which can be an accessibility issue for pets, small children, and people with arthritis or other disabilities that impact hand strength.

Example of a Beautiful Door

3. Door Handles

There are both classic and modern door handle designs to go with any type of renovation. If you need to replace door hardware to be ADA compliant, handles are a solid option. They are easy for anyone, including pets, children, and people with disabilities. They can get caught on clothing or handbags, however.

As you select door hardware, you’ll need to balance each of these three functionality aspects along with the style of the room you’re designing.


Should Front Door Hardware Match Interior Door Hardware?

The answer is actually no. As long as there is a consistent finish, the locksets match and the hardware fits seamlessly with the style of the room and functions the way you need it to, there’s no reason you can’t mix and match a little when it comes to the door hardware. For example, the exterior hardware must be weather-hardy and have a secure lockset. Although the exterior and interior hardware of a front door often do match, they don’t always. The style and function coming and going will determine what is best in this situation.


Do Doorknobs and Hinges Need to Match

Of course, they don’t have to match, but we often recommend that they do for style and aesthetic purposes. Matching doorknobs and hinges can provide your spaces with continuity and a good blend of the style you have for each room. Often, ensuring that the doorknobs and hinges have the same finish (brass, wrought iron, etc.) can provide that sense of design that seamlessly pulls a room together.


What Kind of Door Hardware is in Style?

The great thing about door hardware is that it doesn’t experience wide-ranging fluctuations as to style from year to year. The most important thing to consider, besides the functionality, is whether or not the door hardware you choose will fit into the style of each room it faces. Typically, there will be a style that ties the entire home together, so choose door hardware pieces that reflect and enhance that style instead of something that sticks out and detracts. For example, if you are aiming for a rustic farmhouse look, you probably won’t want to pick something sleek and modern, or vice versa. For a classic, vintage look, decorative glass doorknobs would go wonderfully.


More Door Hardware Questions? Consult the Window and Door Showplace

Door hardware is an absolutely essential aspect of door style and functionality, and finding the perfect match for each door of your home can seem like an overwhelming prospect. For questions about any aspect of the windows and doors in your home renovation project, contact the Window and Door Showplace experts today and we can advise you on the best options for style, security, and durability in your door hardware.

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