Preparing Your Home For Window Installation

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Getting new windows is an exciting time. As you think ahead to lower energy bills and improved aesthetics, keep in mind that there are specific steps you can take now to make sure your new window installation goes well. By preparing your home ahead of time for the process, you can ensure that it is streamlined, and the new windows go in without delay. Here’s what you need to do.

Preparing your home for window installation

1. Make a Clear Path

If it is time to get new windows, the first step is preparing your home. Window installers need access to both the interior and the exterior of the home where you are having the windows installed. You can make the installer’s job easier by clearing a path to these areas. Inside the home, move all furniture, rugs, and even potted plants that are near the windows, and make sure there is a clear path from the exterior door to each window. Outside, make sure there is enough room for the installer to reach the window or put up a ladder to reach upper story windows.

Casement windows, on the other hand, swing outward using a window crank mechanism inside your home. This can allow a larger window without the division between the two sashes.


2. Cover Delicate Items

How messy is window replacement? The answer depends on how hard the old windows are to remove, but the process will create some mess. One of the best replacement window tips is to cover items you do not want to have damaged. Some items you may not be able to move, like your carpeting or plants that are planted outdoors in your yard. These items should get covered with a drop cloth or some other protective covering. Your window installer may provide these, but you can be proactive by covering on your own before the installer arrives. The removal process that is part of window installation can create quite a bit of dust, so if you’re unsure, cover the item. You can also ask the contractor if this is part of their service or not.



3. Store Some Items

Store some items

Some of your items and furnishings are just going to be in the way during window installation. The entire process just takes a couple of days, but to make it easier, consider storing these items. You could give up the use of your garage and store them there, or you could rent a temporary storage locker to put them in. Either way, getting these out of the way will help the installation process go more smoothly.


4. Remove All Window Coverings

Curtains, mini blinds, drapes, and the hanging apparatus will all need to be taken down before windows can get installed, and you might want to do this yourself. While your installers are going to be careful, they have a lot to do on the day of installation, and you don’t want to lose a screw or a tie. By removing them yourself, you can keep everything together and out of the way of the work that is happening. This means you won’t have to be replacing blinds and curtains at the same time as your windows.



5. Consider Waiting for Other Upgrades

Consider waiting for other upgrades

Installing windows, when done by a professional, should not create too much of a mess, but there will be some dust and debris. Consider waiting to make major improvements to your home, like painting walls or changing flooring, until the windows are in. This will prevent damage to your newly installed items as you enjoy updating and upgrading your house.


6. Ensure Your Home Is Accessible

Your installers will need to be inside your home. If you are not going to be home during the time of your installation, you will need to give them access. Arrange for someone to be at your home or give the installer a code to allow them to get in. If you have window security alarms, turn those off during the installation so there is not a problem. If it is at all possible, try to have someone from your home on the property during the installation.


7. Secure Pets

Secure pets

If you have pets, consider having them stay somewhere else during the window installation appointment. During this appointment, doors and windows will be open, and your pet may find them a welcome escape route. In addition, pets may feel anxious about the additional people, and sometimes they may act out as a result. If you don’t have someone who can watch your pets away from your home, make sure they are securely restrained or crated while the installers are at your house.


8. Plan Enough Time

The amount of time it takes to install windows will depend on how many windows you have, but standard-sized windows take about 30 minutes to install per window. This means it will take just a day or two for your entire home to get new windows. If you have uniquely shaped windows or custom designs, you may need to add additional time. The team at Window and Door Showplace are experts at working quickly when installing windows and doors no matter the season, and we can help you get those new windows in place quickly.

Window installation should be an exciting time, and a little bit of forward planning will help it go off without a hitch. Take some time to plan ahead and prepare your home, and then reach out to Window and Door Showplace to schedule your window installation appointment. We’ll help you enjoy the benefits of newly installed windows with a hassle-free, no-pressure experience. Check out our portfolio to see examples of windows we have installed in the past.


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