The Best Time to Replace Your Windows in Northern Virginia & D.C. Area

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Your home should be a comforting sanctuary, but it’s hard to relax peacefully in a home with drafty windows. Uneven heating and cooling, high energy bills, and a lack of natural light from blocked off windows all interfere with your enjoyment of your home. Knowing when to replace windows will help you choose not only the right time of year. It also helps you choose the right moment for replacement before damaged window frames affect the rest of the structure. Here’s what to know about the best time of year to replace windows.

The Best Time to Replace Your Windows

What Is the Best Time of Year to Buy Replacement Windows?

Spring is generally the best season for window frame replacement. It’s warm enough that having the windows out won’t cause you to freeze, while it’s not quite hot enough that you’ll overheat either. Fall is similar but slightly less ideal because of the risk of leaves blowing in while the windows are being replaced. Winter is the least popular season for replacing windows because of the temperatures and snow in some climates. However, this can make it a good time to choose if it’s a period of low demand for local window installers. If you’re in a milder climate, don’t be afraid to get leaky windows replaced over the fall or winter.

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When It’s Better Not to Wait

In some cases, you shouldn’t worry about the season and should get window replacement ASAP. If any of the windows in your home are actively leaking, cracked, or stuck shut or open, don’t be afraid to replace them out of season. The costs of trying to wait for a specific season could outweigh any costs associated with installing windows in the fall or winter. Sometimes the best time to buy windows is whenever you need them the most. Leaky windows run up heating and cooling costs all year round, in addition to risking structural damage if water is also leaking through the frame and into the wall. Take accurate window measurements and start the process of ordering replacements immediately when you notice any of these problems.

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What Kind of Windows are Most Energy Efficient?

While the design of the replacement windows you choose is obviously important, energy efficiency also needs consideration. First, consider the energy conductivity of the frame material. Wood and vinyl framed windows are slightly more energy efficient than metal designs because these materials are less likely to transfer heat between the indoors and exterior. Windows with fixed frames, such as casement designs, offer the highest amount of energy efficiency and should be used wherever it’s not necessary to open them. For the best windows for cold weather, look for double and triple paned glass to use the insulating value of multiple layers to stop heat loss.


Is It Worth It to Replace Windows?

If your windows are still functioning well and just look a little out of date, they may not be worth replacing just yet. But any windows that are drafty, leak during rain, or are getting hard to open definitely deserve prompt replacement. Don’t be afraid to invest in new windows if you can afford the replacement and you’re ready for a new look. Windows are a major investment, but they also pay off in the long run both when you’re in the home and if you sell it. The energy savings and beautiful natural light provided by the new windows will convince you that replacement was the right choice, along with the increased home value if you decide to sell. Seeing new windows up close is the best way to decide if they’re right for your home, so drop by a real showroom to explore the full selection of designs.

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How Many Years Do Windows Last?

Once you’ve invested in a new set of high quality windows, you shouldn’t need to do it again for at least two decades. High quality windows last at least 25 years before they begin leaking or developing draft problems. With care, some wood-framed windows can last twice as long with routine painting and occasional reglazing. No matter the type of window you choose, window frame replacement should only occur every 20 years or so with a little routine maintenance. If you want even more life from your new windows, look for models with extended warranties to get even more lifespan from the new fixtures.

Regardless of the time of year you choose for a window replacement, you’ll get the best results by choosing us here at Window and Door Showplace. With over 45 years of industry experience, we can guide you to the perfect energy efficient and stylish new windows for your home. Give us a call today to discuss your home and its needs, or schedule a visit to one of our three showrooms.

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