Top Reasons to Move to Northern Virginia

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With changing work opportunities and new expansion into work-from-home positions, many people are now scouring the country for the best places to possibly relocate. Northern Virginia is one of the fastest growing parts of the U.S., and for good reason. If you’re considering a relocation for work, play, or to give your children a head start, the areas around Alexandria, VA and Loudoun County are a wonderful place to choose.

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Less Snow Than You Think

First, Northern Virginia is close enough to the South East that it doesn’t have large volumes of snow falling all winter long. It does tend to get a few inches of accumulation a few times each winter, but only serious storms can bring 2 to 3 feet of snow at once. The area does receive enough snow that they have the infrastructure for dealing with it, so roads are salted readily and cleared with snow plows rapidly in most areas. It’s generally considered an easy place to adapt to a snowy winter if you’re from somewhere like Southern California where temperatures rarely drop. Your home will need exterior doors that can handle the weather though.


Growing Economy

This area’s rapidly growing economy is largely due to its proximity to Washington D.C. Aside from government agencies and the businesses that support them, many of the world’s largest technology and manufacturing companies are also choosing the location for their headquarters or expansions. Loudoun County in particular is essential to the Internet traffic for the country, with 70% of traffic traveling through the data centers housed there. The growing economy makes it a great place to settle because job opportunities will continue to expand, making it easy to stay in the area for decades to come. There are also plenty of quality service providers for window replacement and similar services due to the developed economy.


Cultural Variety

Northern Virginia is packed with history dating back to the founding of the country, but it also attracts cutting edge art and media events for those with modern tastes. It’s packed with museums, including the Smithsonian branches on the National Mall, and hosts dozens of national art and wine festivals each year. The Torpedo Factory Art Center in particular is one of the most unique Alexandria, VA attractions in the area. No matter where you’re living in Alexandria, VA, you’re only a short drive away from a unique cultural experience.


Country Beauty with City Amenities

The travel time from McLean Virginia to DC is only 20 minutes, making it an ideal neighborhood for commuting. Yet many of the surrounding communities are still quite wooded and well-distributed for suburbs, giving Northern Virginia the charm of the countryside despite being full of city amenities. The winding waters of the Pontiac River also help give the area natural charm that similar neighborhoods can’t provide. It’s easy to invest in an older historical home around here with so many renovation providers for new windows and doors available to help.


Stellar School Systems

Virginia as a state has one of the top 10 educational systems in the country, both for K-12 and secondary education levels. Within the state, the Northern VA area in particular has some of the strongest rated schools for younger students. With over 160 colleges and secondary schools in the state, parents have plenty of options for affordable tuition while getting world-class instruction. Three of the state’s colleges are even some of the top ranked schools in the nation, with the University of Virginia routinely achieving a second place ranking. This is one of the biggest motivations for families looking to give their children as many opportunities as possible by moving to Alexandria, VA.


Transportation Options

Finally, Northern Virginia is centrally located for easy transportation to most of the country’s hubs. Rail and bus lines connect the DC area in general to Chicago, New York City, and all of the major cities in the South. It’s possible to travel to most of the eastern seaboard within a few hours drive due to the interstate connections that all meet or run through the area. Thanks to the affordable cost of living, residents of the Loudoun County area can enjoy traveling across the country with ease.

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