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Frequently Asked Questions
About Window & Door Showplace

Q: What is the experience level of your company?

A: We recently calculated the total industry experience of our owners and staff. We have 12 people with over 25 years experience, and another 4 with more than a decade. In total, we have 471+ years of experience.

The bottom line? We are one of the most experienced window and door contractors in Northern Virginia.

Q: If there is any issue with my project, will I know who to contact?

A: We have an active hands-on ownership – all 3 owners are involved in the business on a day-to-day basis.

With our processes and attention to detail, issues don’t arise often. But if they do, you will have direct access to an owner.

Q: Do you do other projects besides windows and doors?

A: No. We know many home improvement companies have a “jack-of-all-trades” approach, but we have chosen to be absolute experts on what we do best – window and door installation for Washington DC and Northern Virginia.

Q: Do you have a ‘buy it now’ discount?

A: We do not offer “today only” discounts. We don’t think it is fair to pressure customers to buy before they are ready by playing pricing games. We give you our best quote right from the start and then stand by it. You should decide on your schedule, not ours.

Q: Do you accept all major credit cards?

A: Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

Q: Can I get references?

A: Yes – we are happy to give you references. Please take the opportunity to talk to our customers directly and dig into the details of their experience with Window & Door Showplace.

For more information, please visit our References page.

Q: Do you work with homebuilders and other industry professionals?

A: Yes. In fact, we are experts at working with builders, contractors, architects, designers, and engineers. We have worked on small projects all the way up to large, complex window projects for elite homes around Northern Virginia. To learn more, please contact us at (703) 736-9600.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Windows

Q: What brand of window do you recommend?

A: We don’t have one recommendation to fit every situation. In fact, one of our strengths is we are not tied to just one brand or style of windows exclusively. For window replacement in Northern Virginia and Washington DC, we provide Marvin, Infinity from Marvin, Integrity from Marvin, Jeld-Wen vinyl windows, and much more.

We look at the total picture of your home, and particularly at what windows will best match your home and enhance its value. We’re selective about what we recommend and will only sell you products from the best manufacturers.

For more on the windows we install, please visit the Window Brands & Styles page.

Q: Do I need to visit one of your showrooms to purchase windows?

A: No – we can come to you. But most of our customers actually prefer to start in one of our showrooms. This is a chance to see the products up close and have a personalized, relaxed conversation about your project. We’ll listen closely to what you want and also answer all your questions.

Then, if you are interested in a quote, we can schedule a time to visit your home and provide a customized consultation and quote for you.

For information about our 2 showroom locations, please visit our Showrooms page.

Q: How long will the installation of my replacement windows take?

A: In, general window replacement in Sterling, VA, Washington DC, and surrounding areas can be done in a day or less. On large homes or for particularly complex work, we will give you a timeline specific to your project.

One thing we do promise: we’ll never rush through a job just to get to the next job. Your project has our full attention until it’s done – and done right.

Q: Are your windows energy efficient?

A: Yes. We have a large selection of available replacement windows for Northern Virginia, but one thing we don’t carry is windows that are cheap because they are not very energy efficient.

The problem with windows that aren’t energy efficient is that you pay for them every month in the form of a higher energy bill. Please have peace of mind that any window we recommend and install will ALWAYS be energy efficient.

We can also recommend glass packages and other options that can make windows even more energy efficient.

Q: What is your warranty on your windows?

A: The windows we carry come with lifetime warranties from proven manufacturers that have always stood behind their products.

Since warranties vary, we can’t give you the specifics for each window here. But as you consider different options, we’ll provide the details for each so you have the information you need to make an informed decision.

And, of course, we give you your warranty in writing.

Q: My home is historic and I want windows that will match and protect the value of my home – do you have an option for me?

A: Absolutely. This is an area of expertise for us. With the quality of homes in this area, we have become specialists at historical window replacement near Washington DC, and can recommend solutions that respect the history and enhance the look of your historic home.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Doors

Q: What types of doors do you install?

A: We can do almost any type or style of door you need – Entry/Exterior Doors, Patio Doors, Interior Doors, and more. We have a full range of services – we can install a single door or do an entire overhaul of all the doors in your home (and everything in between).

We are very skilled at finding the right door for your particular home and we don’t push one brand of door only. We only recommend doors from top, proven manufacturers, including Therma-Tru door replacement for Washington DC homeowners.

For more on the doors we install, please visit the Doors Brands & Styles page.

Q: Do I need to visit one of your showrooms to purchase doors?

A: No – we can go right to a consultation at your home if you prefer. We do think starting in our showroom is the best way to begin your process. It is a chance to see the products up close and have a personalized, relaxed conversation about your project. We’ll listen closely to what you want and also answer all your questions.

Then, if you are interested in a quote, we can schedule a time to visit your home and provide a customized consultation and quote for you.

For information about our showroom locations, please visit our Showrooms page.

Q: My home is historic – do you have doors to match?

A: Yes – in fact, we are experts at this. For historic homes and other high-value homes, it is especially important to find a solution that respects the integrity and history of your home.

Q: What are the most important considerations when shopping for doors?

A: The main four areas are: Security. Beauty. Durability. Energy Efficiency.

To make sure that the doors we sell meet all these requirements, we only provide door installation around WAshington DC from proven manufacturers. Security and energy efficiency are built into every door (as long as they are installed to the highest standards – which we always do).

For durability, all our doors come with excellent warranties that you can count on.

When it comes to beauty, we are very thorough when helping you find the best choice that creates amazing curb appeal and enhances the overall look of your home.

Q: What hardware options do you offer?

A: We have a particularly wide selection of hardware – you get distinctive choices for door replacement in Northern Virginia. Hardware is a detail that makes a big difference. The wrong hardware detracts, while the right hardware can make that subtle difference that helps make a home more elegant.

For more on hardware, please visit the Hardware page.

Q: Can I just get a quote over the phone?

A: Giving quotes over the phone is not possible – there is a risk that the quote could be inaccurate if we don’t visit the project site. You should come to one of our showrooms or request a FREE quote and we can come to you.

We do not use the consultation and quote process as an excuse to engage in pressure sales tactics and we never play pricing games. Don’t worry, we will make the process stress and hassle free.

Click here to learn more about our Limited Lifetime Installation Labor Warranty.

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